Gothic Lolita dress & Graphic shirt – Daily Outfit 22nd August 2013

Today I pulled out something I don’t wear often; my Japanese Lolita maid dress 🙂 I’d always had dreams of going to Harajuku and buying a dress, and when I went to Tokyo for a week, my dream came true. Only, I didn’t find the shopping all that fruitful (see my harajuku outfit post).

I ended up buying two Lolita dresses at a resale shop in Shinjuku near our hotel, and I’d recommend it for second hand, but new clothes (Japanese resale is very often new, not second hand). This is the first dress, a classic maid outfit from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.   The headband is by Angelic Pretty, and together I thought It was a lovely classic Lolita look, considering I only splurged on two dresses. I got my dresses for a snip of the real cost, about 80 pounds each!

I thought I’d remix the dress today by adding a graphic thrifted shirt form H&M with a geeky mathematical print and burgundy tights. I feel able to wear my headband again now that my hair is styled this way- these hairbands can look odd if you don’t have a ‘cute’ hairstyle, but I think I’m rocking it with my mod hair.

_IMG3119 _IMG3123 _IMG3129 _IMG3111 _IMG3134

Dress-  Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.  

Headband – Angelic Pretty,

Shirt – H&M (thrifted)


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