Pink makes the Boys (& Girls) Wink – Daily Outfit 14 April 2013

I’m back from two trips up north to see family and see my bessie Michelle get married! Apart from long hours on four coaches, it was refreshing.

This is my birthday dress given to me by my younger brother sister ❤ Thank you!! Also, my beautiful beautiful brogues from my Mum!! I’ve been after some new brogues for a while now after I killed my last ones. I should really get a job as a shoe tester- I even kill good brands with real soles and leather uppers. I managed to kill a leather pair of Hush Puppies and a pair from M&S- I’d bought both to see if buying better quality would help. It didn’t. Let’s see if Clarks can rise to the challenge! I felt shy of being back in there actually- I used to hate shoe shopping as a child (actually, I still hate buying shoes), and I had a famous tantrum in Clarks when the shoes I wanted didn’t come in a wide fitting. My Mum says it was one of the most embarrassing moments of her life. This time, the shop assistants were lovely, the shoes fit perfectly, and I didn’t scream the place down.

I found my H&M hat after two stores I checked were sold out- I actually got the display hat! The hunter gatherer in me was very proud. It’s going to match everything this summer- also, it’s going to nearly replace the beautiful mint bowler hat I bought in Stockholm and then left on a toilet door in Venice. Nearly.


Dress- Phase Eight

Cardigan – Zara

Hat – H&M

Brogues – Clarks


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