Yukata in the sun – Daily Outfit 26th August 2013

Today me and the hubby spent the bank holiday out at sea in two inflatable rings playing like children. It’s boiling hot here today and I didn’t feel like wearing anything complicated.
This is the yukata I bought in Uniqlo in Japan while I lived there. I was too scared to wear it out while I was there, I didn’t want to offend anyone with my curvy gaijin body in their traditional dress, but today was a perfect day to wear it out to have a coffee on the beach.

Oddly enough, the waitress who served us was Japanese! And while we say at our table three Japanese women came over to investigate why I was dressed this way. They were lovely and came from Osaka, which is where I’d lived. They cooed and told me I was kawaii (cute) and I felt really shy of the attention but chuffed, it reminded me of living in Japan.

I’m really enjoying wearing red recently, especially because I’ve gone back to my natural hair colour (well, I’m dyed a little darker for contrast.) I did my colours, aka, colour me beautiful and apparently I should be wearing jewel tones and red, though I wouldn’t naturally gravitate towards red. I was a bit lazy today and wore a waist belt instead of an obi, but quite a few Japanese youth wear their yukatas more casually with different belts and such now.

20130826-181238.jpg 20130826-181227.jpg 20130826-181212.jpg 20130826-181116.jpg

Yukata- Uniqlo

Mint shoulder bag- River Island (thrifted)


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