Shopping Wishlist – M&S Hat collection

Oh M&S, I really do love you sometimes. M&S, or Marks and Spencers, have appealed to me more and more over the years. I love their classic shapes and sharp tailoring. They’re quite often a great place to go for great quality vintage-esque shapes and accessories. If they ever decided to use bloggers for styling, I’d be there in a heartbeat. (hint, hint…)

I’ve been crushing on their hats and scarves this season and I have a few on my wishlist.  I love their new purple cloche and I have their red cloche from last year, you can see it in my outfit post here where I styled it in a 1800’s/1920’s ensemble.

I’d wear the purple cloche with a lovely clashing colour, perhaps mustard yellow or mint green, (which I have a lot of in my wardrobe!). Or how beautiful would a coloured cloche look like with a summer yukata and fur wrap? I got married in a kimono with 1920/30’s accessories, and the long lines of the yukata work beautifully with the era’s silhouettes.

I’d wear the houndstooth hat with my houndstooth 50’s dress, red shoes and a classic trench.

And the captains hat– Oh Captain, my Captain… I’d dress the hat with a handmade red white and blue ribbon and rosette and rock it with a floral dress.







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