My week on Instagram 28th Aug 2013

This is my first week in Instagram, (credit for the post idea goes to the lovelyKeiko from

The watercolour picture is a page from the book I’m working on called Bearology.

We have new rabbits right now, so I’ve been largely spamming my Instagram with pictures of them. The grey & white one is called Panda and the brown one is called Bear.
2013-08-27_1377605059 2013-08-18_1376843165 2013-08-19_1376901399 2013-08-22_1377174841 2013-08-24_1377359913 2013-08-25_1377441171 2013-08-25_1377441216 2013-08-25_1377441315 2013-08-25_1377441382 2013-08-25_1377441454 2013-08-25_1377441623 2013-08-25_1377441692 2013-08-25_1377442259 2013-08-25_1377468811


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